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Lafayette College - Kirby House

2002 Excellence in Construction Award Winner

This 3.2 Million-Dollar project was started in June and completed by January in time to house students. This deadline was set at the beginning of the project and there was no room for failure.

The overall goal was to completely renovate the building, giving it a serviceable life of 20-30 years. To satisfy the donor, this had to be completed in a way that would leave the building’s appearance unchanged.

Exterior work included re-building the cupola and handrails around the upper roof. All the building’s windows were removed and replaced with Marvin clad insulated windows. These windows were custom made to fit the existing opening and included metal casing trim that matched the original wood trim.

First floor living room work includes new HVAC units in each corner. These were designed to disappear into the surroundings. A new layered ceiling was installed to allow installation of the new lighting and to introduce a new dimensional aspect to the room.

In the library the wainscot on both sides of the room had to be removed and rebuilt to allow the installation of new HVAC wall convectors. The bookcases had to be modified to accept the new wainscot. Ceilings and lighting were a large part of the work in this room.

The toilets were completely gutted. New marble partitions with custom wood doors were installed to match the ones that were removed. New marble vanities were installed to replace the original porcelain ones.

The 3rd Floor Lounge and TV Room has a HVAC unit built into the exterior wall. The new hollow metal doors and borrow lite wall were installed to give the room a more open feeling.