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Bennigan's Grill & Tavern

 2000 Excellence in Construction Award Winner

Date of Completion: July 2000

This 8,000 square foot building includes Dining Areas, Tavern, Kitchen, Offices and ADA Toilets. This was only the second of this prototype restaurant style built in the country. Since opening the restaurant has been successful and was rated 2nd in the country during the last rating period.

A Fast Track Construction Management approach was used for this project. The project was completed in four months and was the first project completed in this development. It was challenging to be the first project because all of the site utilities and development still needed to be negotiated and completed. Unsuitable soils added a further challenge to the time line.

The building is a single story, wood structure with wood joist and roof decking. The shell of the building including exterior doors, brick & EIFS were constructed in and shipped from Michigan under a separate contract with the owner. This created many challenges including repairing defects in craftsmanship and dimensional changes in columns, etc.

Fire retardant “Dens-Deck” roof board was added to the roof. The roof systems include a custom copper front entry and a white Steven’s mechanically attached rubber roofing system.

Included in the building is a multitude of custom millwork items including wood columns, wainscot, crown moldings, bar and bar proscenium.

The acoustical ceiling system in the bar area is exclusive to Bennigan’s and all the light fixtures and HVAC grilles and diffusers had to be painted to match the ceiling tiles. The dining area ceiling was originally designed to be open and was redesigned to include a more aesthetically pleasing acoustical tile system.

The interior finishes include vinyl base cove, unique vinyl flooring systems, wood base, epoxy floors, carpet, ceramic tile walls, brick walls, wall fabrics, fiberglass reinforced panels stainless steel wall panels and paint. The vinyl flooring was a challenge because the material specified can only be applied to floors with an extraordinarily low moisture level (1/3 off what is permitted for normal VCT). The project included a multitude of decor artifacts, glass panels, mirrors and brass.

The HVAC System includes a gas fired heating and electric air conditioning. The building has a full sprinkler system including the concealed space above the acoustical ceiling. Plumbing included piping for all the kitchen system and wait stations as well as a helium line run to the front wait station for balloons.

The electrical systems included light dimming packages, closed circuit television, cable television and multitude of decorative lights.