Employee Ownership

Miller, Miller & McLachlan is unique in having developed a ground breaking compensation / incentive “Performance Share Plan” in 1992 by allowing a way for all employees with at least one year of service to own Performance Shares in the company. Miller, Miller & McLachlan was the first construction company and company of its size to offer such a program in the Eastern Pennsylvania area.

Performance Shares shall be deemed the equivalent in value to a share of common stock of Miller, Miller & McLachlan Construction, Inc. and the value of the shares will fluctuate in direct correlation with the common stock.

The purpose of this plan is to offer long term incentives in addition to the current compensation and benefits to the employees of Miller, Miller & McLachlan who are and will be responsible for the growth of the company.

Miller, Miller & McLachlan recognizes that ownership is key to our team effort in providing quality services to our clients. All coworkers realize that their efforts towards customer satisfaction will result in company growth and profitability. This in turn will lead to personal growth, compensation and opportunity.